Holistic life coaches bringing balance to your body, mind, spirit and home.
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Services available to you

Individual Services:

Angelic Coaching: Start working with your Angels for greater success.  This is not a reading, it is a consultation that is ment to put you into direct connection with your personal angels and get support on working on your goals with your angelic team. (Bridget)

Healing with Intergrative Energy Therapy: focused on emotional healing.  Working with  the nine healing angels to get the issues out of your tissues. (Bridget)

Fengshui Education and Consultation provided in a workshop setting.  Learn the basics of fengshui and the fengshui map and how to apply it your own home. (Bridget)

Spiritual Life Coaching: Approach life's challenges from a spiritual perspective.  Trained by Alan Cohen.  (Broaderick)

Couples communication: Learn the secrets to successful communication. As a couple learn the techniques of active listening, reframing, and reflecting feelings so both people feel heard in the relationship.  (With Broaderick and Bridget)

Grief Support:(Bridget)

Life transitions: (support through major changes; a combination of coaching, counseling, and energy work) - (Bridget)