Holistic life coaches bringing balance to your body, mind, spirit and home.
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Services available to you

  • Life transitions: support through major life events changes
  • Grief support
  • End of life coaching
  • Healing with Intergrative Energy Therapy: focused on emotional healing, excellent for anxiety and depression and dealing with change.  IET works with the nine angels that support each persons energy centers.
  • Angelic Coaching: Start working with your Angels for greater success.  This is a process that is ment to put you into direct connection with your personal angels and get angelic support on your goals.
  • Fengshui Education.  Learn the basics of fengshui and the fengshui map and how to apply it your own home.

Broderick is a Holistic Life Coach trained with Alan Cohen.  He now has his own website trueconnectioncoaching.com